We orchestrate new business success.

We give your company a better shot at winning new business pitches by helping you elevate your proposal.

  • Extend your resources, without impacting existing clients
  • Strategically focus on the new business opportunity at hand
    • Craft a relevant, differentiated story
    • Show the client you get them, are a good fit, their “dream team” business partner
    • Show the client you have superior solutions to transform and grow their business
  • Improve your capability and readiness to win future pitches

And when you win… we can help you to effectively onboard your new client.


Consider us if…

  • You are wondering … how are we going to get this done, without impacting our clients?
  • The pitch is an important revenue opportunity
  • The pitch is a stretch, a long shot
  • You need to improve results
  • Your team can benefit from best practices, feedback and solutionsrehearsal coaching
  • You need experience pitching US or international clients
  • The pitch environment is complex – integrated team, agency holding company, compliance complexity
  • You need interim transition leadership support, behind the scenes, to help you onboard a new client